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Groote Schuur
High School
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GSHS Learner Leadership

Deputy Head boy - Jared Sauls, Head Girl - Phiwokuhle Ndyalivane,
Head Boy - Joshua Shimba,  Deputy Head girl - Myasah Al-Absi

Prefects of 2022

The Representative Council of Learners is elected annually according to the national legislative guidelines. The RCL works closely with the other learner leaders, as well as clubs and societies involved in community service and student wellbeing.

The leaders of the school body, who play a positive role among pupils. Our prefects are led by a Head Girl and Head Boy, as well as two deputies. They act as Brand ambassadors for our school, promoting our school values by leading by example. Prefects assist with the implementation of the schools vision, Covid-19 safety, our Appearance policy and mentoring new learners.
Junior Prefects

Assist the Prefects in completing their duties and are able to apply to be a member of the Prefect body, after a set period of time.
Grade Leaders

Lead by example and are responsible for communication between the Grade Head and their grade. They assist with the planning and organizing of all grade specific events,compiling reports on grade events and assistant to the Grade Head.

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Shortly About Us

English-medium school Groote Schuur High School was founded in 1959 as a co-educational Afrikaans High School in the Vredenhof residence, presently the Frank Joubert Art and Design Centre in the leafy suburb of Newlands
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+2721 674 2165
76 Palmyra Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700
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